Freedom Hire

A. The best way to stay up-to-date with our special relocation offers is to follow us on Facebook or via our website

A. The exact cost of your special offer rental will vary depending on the type of bike, where it is going to and how long you want to ride for. The discounted daily rates are valid at the time of booking and can not be extended beyond the original booking

Ask In our depots for any other specials we may have on offer!

A. If the special offer motorbike you are interested in is listed as "to arrive by this date" then the bike needs to be at its destination within a few days (3-4) of the date listed. If the bike rental special is listed as "leaving soon after this date" it generally means that the bike needs to leave its current location within a few days (3-4) of the date listed. Often there is no specific date that it needs to arrive at its destination but sometimes there’s a booking soon after, so let us know your intended travel plans and we’ll do our best to fit in with your dates.

In the majority of cases we are unable to offer riding equipment such as helmets, jackets or GPS units with the one-way special offers. This is because you will either be picking the bike up after a previous client has ridden it somewhere, or riding it to the start location for another booking. We always suggest you contact us with your plans though as we will always do our best to help arrange something in the event that you can't bring your own riding gear.

A. Collection and drop off locations differ with each special offer, these could be at a residential address, dealership or probably to one of our depots, but you will given full information prior to travelling. Flexibility us key with our special offer one way deals, please keep this in mind when applying. Detailed advice and support will always be offered prior to your journey and throughout your trip.

All our bikes will be in good working order, but may be rough around the edges and not the prettiest.

The bikes will be in good working order and all tyres and controls checked before your journey.

There will be support should you encounter complications, but this will be rare .