Freedom Hire

Frequently Asked Questions

The weather in each state is different and everything depends on the time of year, however, if travelling in the summer expect it to be hot with the potential for rain.

We strongly suggest using the myriad of websites that will give you reasonably accurate forecasts for the weather on your ride.

There are General Terms and Conditions of Hire which can be accessed at the foot of the page. Please note their are different terms relevant to the type of Motorcycle hired and the terrain you are ride upon.

Please ensure you thoroughly read the Terms and Conditions prior to renting a motorcycle, to avoid unnecessary costs at the end of the hire.

Helmets, gloves, jackets and other accessories can all be rented but if you are on a longer trip it is often more comfortable to bring your own and they fit better. No guarantees are made for riding gear and it is rented at your own risk.

Freedom Hire offer a concierge service from the airport, at a small cost and dependant on your arrival time at the airport.

Luggage can be left safely and securely at the depot FREE of charge. We would suggest using soft holdalls for your luggage so the contents can be placed in the panniers where appropriate.

A waterproof holdall can always be strapped to the seat for extra storage capacity. Please note: If you elect to have your luggage shipped with one of the courier company then we can help make the necessary arrangements, but the final responsibility for the transport is with the courier / shipping company as they are not part of Freedom Hire.

Security bond amounts will vary depending on the bike you rent, the amount is listed against each bike on the rentals page. Rentals of fewer than 21 days (excluding one way relocations) are processed as a 'pre-authorisation' against a credit card. If the rental is 21 days or more then the security deposit/bond is processed on a credit card and refunded upon safe return of the undamaged bike. Your bond will automatically expire once the bike is returned but please bear in mind we have no control over how long the funds take to reach your account. It can take a number of days and this is determined by your bank, not ours.

The insurance excess is not pre-authorised or processed on your card. It is the maximum you would have to pay in the event of an accident. If the damage is only minor, costing $200, for example, then that's all you will have to pay, but if the damage is $5500 and the excess is $4000 you would be liable for $4000 and the insurance pays the remainder. 

Freedom Hire vehicles are registered so that tolls incurred by you when using any Australian toll road will be recorded and billed to you directly. Full details regarding tolls are available in the Terms & Conditions of Hire and you will be required to sign that you have read and understood the conditions of using the toll system when you collect your motorcycle.

The depot operative will provide you with a number for you to call to see if it is something simple they can fix over the phone. The best solution to a serious problem depends on where you are and what the problem is. The depot will do everything they can to get you moving again and this is usually within 24 hours. It may involve a repair, replacement bike or alternative transport but the priority is to allow you to continue your trip. Specific terms and conditions apply to our self-guided tours including accommodation. 

Please note Rider error will be liable for the costs of Towing and Repair, Freedom Hire accepts no responsibility for related costs due to Rider error.

GPS units are available, the cost will depend on the length of your hire. Please select when booking your bike or ask when collecting your rental. Numbers of units are limited and should be booked in advance.

For large capacity bikes you will need a full unrestricted motorcycle license written in English. If it is not in English you will need an International Drivers Permit. For smaller cubic capacity motorcycles and scooters your home country license may allow you to ride the size of bike you are renting. We will require your passport if from overseas and a Credit Card for the rental payment and security deposit. Don't forget to bring the booking confirmation with the address and telephone number of the depot so you can find it when you arrive!

You must be at least 21 to rent a motorcycle with Freedom Hire. There is no age limit for passengers; however, the passenger must be able to reach the passenger foot pegs or floorboards of the bike.

If you lose your rental motorcycle key, expect to pay for its replacement. The lost key fee varies per motorcycle make and model (approximately $200 AUD - $300 AUD per key).