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Cairns - Bikes and prices

Hold on, something’s missing here, where’s the list of motorbikes available to rent from Cairns?

Well alluring tropical delights aside, there just isn’t sufficient demand in Cairns for a permanent motorcycle depot I’m afraid. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well, there is some great riding in the local area to be sure but it’s highly seasonal, with only three or four months of ideal riding weather outside of the wet season. Riding in the wet season is something to be avoided really as this is Australia, ‘wet season’ over here means you best bring a snorkel and diving equipment. Hardly ideal motorbiking weather we’re sure you’ll agree!

This means that most people take a short internal flight to Brisbane or Sydney and ride from there. With so many great looping routes from these cities, a number of which include Cairns, the vast majority of people who rent motorcycles on the east coast of Australia choose to start from either Brisbane or Sydney. It’s nothing personal. Cairns is a great city in a fantastic tropical location, it’s just not the most practical of rental locations!

You can see the bikes available from Sydney and Brisbane along with costs by selecting the relevant city from the map up top.